Monday, July 23, 2012

Super Skivvies Reviews: Upa-Lala *GIVEAWAY*

Super Skivvies has participated in a few reviews and giveaways over the past years, but we have never conducted our own. After being asked to review an Upa-Lala wetbag by the company owner, Brittan, we decided that this may be something that can benefit both parties and agreed to do it. We are so glad we did!

Since we only have one kiddo and she had potty trained, I only kept a medium-smallish size wetbag for summer beach trips. About a year after our little one was diaper free, I became a nanny for a 10-month-old little boy who is cloth diapered and started using that wetbag for him. The first couple of summers, both were too young to get very wet and change clothes at the beach. This summer was a different story. Thank goodness I had received an Upa-Lala wetbag just before the warm weather hit! I didn't realize how handy an extra wetbag could be, and the size I got to try has been perfect!
From the Upa-Lala website:
Upa-lala eco-bags are appealing to everyone, including the environmentally conscious. Your Upa-lala eco-bag can replace the use of plastic bags as they are reusable and can be machine washed and dried. They are handmade from high-quality designer fabrics with a separate layer of water-resistant material on the inside.
Upa-lala eco-bags come in three styles; zipper closure, drawstring and backpack. They work extremely well for containing wet or dirty items, such as damp cloth diapers, swimsuits, worn gym clothes, beach towels, fresh fruit and veggies, etc.
Our wetbag arrived packaged in a super cute origami box...

I immediately pulled the bag out of the box and my seamstress instincts kicked in. My eyes and fingers followed along all of the seams of the bag, inside and out. What I found was that the craftsmanship was excellent!

My little girl took it upon herself to try the bag out first by wearing it as a hat (lol!), then as a carrying case for her things. (This being my first review, I didn't think to take photos until about a week after this occurred...lesson learned!) The first time I used the bag, it was used as a back-up to the wetbag I already had as it was in the wash. It held up just as you would expect a wetbag to with only one soiled diaper in it. No leaks, and I wiped it out with a cloth baby wipe to clean it.

We took it to the beach with us a couple of times, and it held up great then as well. Then I really got to see what this wetbag could do. I had a weekend that I had to watch the little boy I nanny, and ended up having to use this wetbag. By the end of the day, this bag was holding three soiled prefolds, including one blowout, a diaper cover, and a soiled pair of shorts. We still had room for more! Our bag is the large could last at least two days, maybe three, depending on what is in it.

What mattered to me most is that there were absolutely ZERO leaks. Not even a tiny bit of moisture on the outside of the bag. Five stars!

Bonus feature: There is a snapping handle on the top corner of the bag. We haven't had a specific use for it just yet, but I see it being especially handy if you wanted to hang it off the stroller (think: day at the zoo), or hang it on the door knob or changing table in the nursery. Buy an extra large bag and skip the diaper pail!

Brittan has graciously offered Super Skivvies readers a 10% off code! Use the code SUPER at checkout to redeem. Code expires August 6, 2012.


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