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5 Great Etsy Gifts for Potty Training / Learning

Posted on 20 January 2012
Well! We are settling nicely into the new year, and it seems that no matter who you talk to, they say 2012 will be a huge year for everything. We are no different! We have plans to grow and expand, and of course to provide you, our fans, with helpful information on potty training / learning and other fun stuff along the way. We would like to thank you for continuing to support Super Skivvies cloth training pants and wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous new year!
Now, down to business. We know that potty training can be a trying time for some. Children, for the most part, try to set their own schedule for things, and learning to use the potty is no exception. I had not planned to start introducing the potty to our daughter until she was two and a half or so, but she made it very clear that wasn’t what she wanted. Around 14 months, she had started following me into the bathroom. A few weeks later, she started playing with the toilet paper and trying to figure out how to flush the toilet. Remembering some basic information from my Child Development class in college and looking some things up on line, I came to the conclusion that she was ready to start learning to use the potty.
Being a first time mama, I didn’t have extensive experience with potty training. I had worked in several child care centers and had been a nanny for several years, but none of those jobs involved me teaching a child how to use the toilet…not a child I was with for more than four hours at a time anyway. So, I ran out and bought one of those Baby Bjorn potties and tried to find some sort of training pant that would fit an 18 pound 16 month old. That small of a training pant never was found, so I developed Extra Small Super Skivvies. Four months later, my daughter had conquered the potty and I was left to struggle with 1) my baby growing into a toddler, and 2) having to sell off her carefully selected and collected cloth diaper stash. *tear*  (A side note: I still have a few dyed prefolds and a wool cover…two years later!)
Anyhow, I have taken a look through Etsy to see what I could find to help ease you and your child into the all important task of learning to use the potty.

Of course we had to suggest our own cloth training pants! We have a wide variety of prints and aim to add more quarterly. Absorption is adjustable – from a tiny tinkle while running to the potty to a full blown night time accident, and skip the waterproofing material to help children make the connection of being wet with having to use the potty. We pride ourselves on top notch quality and craftsmanship, and select only the most durable and eco-friendly materials, including super absorbent fabrics like bamboo/organic cotton fleece. Also available on our stand-alone website:

A good way to help your little one along in the potty training process is to reward him/her every time they successfully eliminate in the potty. This reward kit was originally designed for a special needs child, but would also work beautifully for any child. The images are simple and there are several different usage options based on the needs of your child.
We are all for convertible and multi-use items here at Super Skivvies! This potty chair is the cutest we’ve seen AND it converts to a regular little chair once the kiddo has mastered getting to the potty in a timely fashion. 

It is our opinion that when you start potty training with your child, you should go all in or none at all. What about when you have to actually leave the house? Pack a bunch of extra clothes and lay one of these in your car seat (or stroller, shopping carts, high chairs, boosters, etc)! This waterproof pad protects the seat from accidents which, in turn, prevents your car from smelling like musty pee. Bonus: its reusable, even with multiple children!

When potty training, I can promise you that you will not get through it without at least a handful of accidents. Things will get wet and smelly, so what do you do with that stuff when you don’t have a hamper or washing machine to throw it in? Use a wet bag. Sure, you can use plastic shopping bags, but we are more environmentally conscious, right? A wet bag is useful from birth through…forever! You don’t have to throw it away, instead you can wash and reuse it. Diapers, training pants, wet clothes, bathing suits, the list goes on! Not only a must have for potty training, but for life in general. 

Bottom line is BE CONSISTENT! Pick a method and stick with it for at least two months. If your child has had no advancements, stop trying for a couple of weeks and try again (this is when you can try a new method if you’d like).

Happy Potty Learning!!!

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