Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fairy Garden Contest - 2012

A Natural Kids Team member, Donni, over at The Magic Onions is holding an annual Fairy Garden Contest on her blog. Not only is Super Skivvies cloth training pants a sponsor of the event, but Ella and I also decided to make a fairy garden of our own to enter into the contest.

This fairy garden is complete with a "swimming pool" (blue bowl on left), "swamp" (tiny blue pot on the right with the moss growing into it), Ella's Waldorf Spring Parade flower (yellow in the back), Rosemary centerpiece including a butterfly, two felt sheep, a piece of drift wood, and a couple of stones and pinecone tops (the wooden looking roses on the left). The green pot in the back is our housewarming plant from the little boy I nanny.

We actually planted it all in May, but it was sparse and looked messy. Now, two months later, it has grown in rather well (even growing over a few "fences" and stone paths) and looks more like a playland for fairies and gnomes than a planter with clumps of muddy moss scattered about. Ella is pleased. :)

 Sheep taking a swim.

All clean!

The contest closes today (8/1/12), so wish us luck!!! We have already bought a large old trunk for next years fairy garden. We're gonna go all out!

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