Thursday, October 18, 2012

Super Skivvies Clearout Sale!

Our next batch of Super Skivvies cloth training pants are finally in production! It's time to hold a huge SALE to clear out as much as we can before they arrive!

We have had our pattern professionally redrawn (that took a LOT longer than expected), and had the chance to talk with a pro about the future of Super Skivvies. We've got a lot in mind for this coming year!

Before the ALL NEW Version TWO Super Skivvies potty training pants arrive, get our first version for 45% off regular price! That works out to about $10 per pair... WHAT?! That's crazy! Yes, we know, but we simply do not have the space for them all!

Buy our version of cloth pull ups for about half the price and enjoy the benefits of speedy potty training and extended use! BUY THEM HERE.

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